Singing Through Life

People of all ages and voices sing in choirs. Choral singing is a fun, lennäkki_nettigoal-oriented communal activity and according to research, it increases our wellbeing. Among other things, choirs can increase the community cohesion in schools and various different social groups. It is therapeutic and works as part of integration and language learning.

Choral singing brings together amateurs, professionals, singers and audiences. It creates activities and content for schools, day-cares, old age homes, care facilities, hospitals and workplaces – it is part of the everyday activities as much as special occasions.

Cultural activities increase the appeal of the municipalities. Singing together is worthy of support – the benefits are significant.

Choral singing for good living
Choir teaches interpersonal skills as well as acceptance of self and others. Singing together increases wellbeing. Money is saved when people feel good.

You can get a lot out of it!
We must ensure that the pathway from babies to pensioners and from early childhood music education to professionals is accessible. Choir leaders and makers of choral music are needed – the training should be accessible and provide opportunities for professionals to be employed.

Give room to music.
Choral singing should have a low entry point so that everyone is able to participate. Municipal spaces should be availed to choirs free of charge.


sekalainenjoukko_nettiExperiences through joy
Singing supports children’s development and ability to express themselves already before the school years. Every child must have an opportunity to participate.

Together in our own voices
Choral singing builds our sense of self and supports finding our own identity.

Joy to the busiest years
Choral singing increases the sense of community – also at places of work.

As long as I remember, I sing
Choral singing keeps the elderly engaged and prevents memory disorders.

  • Choral singing builds bridges in between different social groups.
  • Choral singing is a form of communication.
  • Choral singing works as a therapy and prevents social and health problems.
  • The broad field of choir activities employs a vast amount of professional choir leaders, composers, songwriters and arrangers in Finland.

yhdistyy kuoroksi -nettiPictures: Lassi Rajamaa